Richard’s “Plain Vanilla” Resources for Interfaith Worship. Boy Scout worship services. Girl Scout worship services. 

(Not a fancy web site, but some useful ideas.)


The author’s intention is that this web site will help people who are preparing interfaith worship services, especially interfaith worship services for Boy Scouts. Here you will find background material on the nature and definition of interfaith worship as well as ideas for meditations (sermons, homilies, or whatever one might call them). There is some material from the New Testament, and some people will question whether any New Testament material can be interfaith.  I have responded to this in the essays, but, of course, anyone who finds any of this material inappropriate should simply not use it. I think you will find a wide variety of material here.

 This web site is a work in progress. There will be material added from time to time. If you would like to contribute some material, send it to me here. I will not promise to post anything anyone sends in, but I will certainly consider it carefully, and will give you credit if it is posted.

 Note on responsibility:  This web site is solely the responsibility of Richard Davies.  It carries no endorsement from the Boy Scouts of America or any other organization.

 This Website’s Basic Material:

Index to Meditations (This is probably what you are looking for.)

Some Prayers for Interfaith Worship

Some Meal-time Prayers

Some Songs

Essay on Interfaith Worship for Scouts

How to Organize a Scout Interfaith Worship Service

Scripture in Interfaith Worship

Questions and Answers on Scout Worship (Historical Perspective)

 Supplementary Material on this Web Site:

True Wisdom according to Covey

Ten Suggested Rules for Interfaith Dialogue

George Washington’s Rules of Civility

Information about the author of this web site

 External links:

Calendar of Religious Dates

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Metzloff’s Scoutmaster’s Minute resources

Metzloff’s Big Book (word format download)

Kidslist Worship Resources

BSA National resources for Scout Sunday

BSA National resources for Scout Sabbath

A Site with Other "Religious" Links

 Bible (various versions)

Qur’an (Koran)


Send a note to Richard (scoutint at  I will welcome suggested prayers and meditations and other suggestions to strengthen this web site. I do not intend to engage in long-winded theological discussions as a part of this web site. 


Copyright notice:  This web site and all contents not otherwise credited are copyright ©2007 by Richard Davies. Permission is hereby granted to reproduce materials as necessary in the leadership of worship services or the conduct of workshops on worship.  This grant of permission applies without restriction to any worship leader or anyone involved in planning a worship service or planning a training workshop on the subject of worship.  Permission is not granted to republish these materials as a collection either in print, on other web sites, or in any other form, whether for sale or for free distribution.